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About Tun Commercial Bank

About Us

The Tun Commercial Bank established in 1994 by U Thein Tun, the Chairman of the MGS Group of companies. From an initial branch in Yangon it has expanded across the country, including the main cities of Mandalay and Naypyitaw. The bank currently has 22 branches, with more branches opened in the coming months. The bank has been conservatively run and comfortably survived the domestic banking crash in 2003, when a number of local banks were shut down.

The bank is a normal private bank and run on strictly commercial terms.  However, unusually for a bank, the shareholders have chosen to pay the majority of its profits to charity.

Tun Commercial Bank is currently undertaking a massive modernisation project. The Bank has recently completed 100% migration of all the branches to the latest international banking system (Oracle’s Flexcube system). The Bank also has rolled out the Internet & Mobile Banking applications from Oracle to its customers