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International Banking

Inward Remittances

The government has gradually freed up the foreign exchange regulations to help foreign businesses invest in Myanmar. We keep abreast of developments and please contact our International Department to help with your needs.
The Government is trying to reduce the dependency on the informal market for remittances, by improving rates and convenience. We are an agent for inward remittances for Moneygram and Singapore Post.

  • Paid Up Capital
  • Office Expenses
  • Personal
Paid Up Capital

For foreign investors the receipt of paid up capital used to be the preserve of the Government Banks, but can now be made by private banks, including ourselves, which is faster and more convenient.


There are a wide variety of legitimate business reasons companies remit in funds. A very common one is office expenses, I rent, salaries, equipment, transport, school fees. We can do that and other payments as well.


Many people use ATMs to bring in money for personal living. However the fees are high, exchange rates poor, cash withdrawal limits are very low and often the ATMs do not work. To avoid this money can be remitted into your bank account in the country.